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Brain Jam

Brain Jam is a Windows solitaire game/card puzzle. The deck is initially dealt face up, so there is no luck involved once play begins. All hands are winnable. Featured in Games magazine. Based on "Baker's Game" described by Martin Gardner in Scientific American in 1968.

You can now play Brainjam in your browser at

"Brilliant game. I can feel my brain sweating!" - RM, Florida

"There really ought to be a law against it - *extremely* addictive" - JH, U.K

If you want to play the orginal 16-bit Windows version, download the file and install it using WinZip. If you don't have WinZip, decompress the file into a temporary directory. From there, run SETUP.EXE to install. This version will not run on a 64 bit computer.

Brain Jam is published by Brain Jam Publications.

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My wife would like Brain Jam thrown into the River Thames as it is very compulsive playing. - PI, London

Any more really tortuous games? - ICS, U.K.

I think your Brain Jam game is terrific. - AGF, Florida

There really ought to be a law against it ... what an insidious piece of software - I am surprised it hasn't brought about the total collapse of Western Civilization! ... super fun and *extremely* addictive. - JH, U.K.

My wife has rapidly become an addict of your game. - BK, U.K.

... my wife is addicted to the game ... - MN, U.K.

My wife complains that she is a Brain Jam widow! - P, U.K.

Great game. One of the few that has stayed on the PC for more than a week. - RL, U.K.

I've finally found a game that my father will play, so I thought I'd better register a copy for him. - AM, U.K.

Thanks for a wonderfully addictive game. - CGP, Switzerland

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed playing your game. - JB, Maryland

My wife is still crazy about it.. - RH

The whole family is addicted to Brain Jam. - JP, London

An excellent game! - TPH, U.K.

I am almost sorry that I discovered it because I am a law student and it seems to interfere with my studies! - BT, California

I have to admit a serious degree of addiction ... You certainly have a winner with Brain Jam! - BB, U.K.

I think your game is by far the best card game going. - TB, FL

A very good solitaire game. My compliments to the chef. - PL, Ontario

Thanks for Brain Jam - it's addictive and much more challenging than FreeCell !! - AM, Ontario