A Fractal Field Guide

This is a collection of limit sets rendered mostly between Jan'93 and Apr'94 using a program that I was developing with the working title Live Fractal. These pictures differ from the usual fractals you see in a few regards

In the list below, the accompanying descriptions are probably vague and unhelpful, but should give an impression of the wide variety of fractal types possible.

The rendering method used is in spirit the same as that popularized by Barnsley for his IFS fractals. Many of the images have color which indicates the number of times the algorithm visited a given region. Black indicates a few hits, green some more, and red and yellow indicate many hits. Like photography, the images you get depend on exposure time and filters. The series of images presented here are more like polaroid snapshots than serious attempts at creating high quality pictures.

Quadratic Rationals (including matings)

Carpet Fractals

Conformal Maps and Correspondences

Kleinian Groups

Non-Conformal Maps

Glynn Sets

Quadratic and Cubic Julias

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