Filling Holes in Meshes. P. Liepa

A general geometric construction of coordinates in a convex simplicial polytope. T. Ju, P. Liepa, J. Warren or [pdf]


Generalized barycentric coordinates

Surface Normals at Singular Points.


Shape Preserving Mappings to a Surface (with V. Ma).

System for controlling deformation (with V. Ma).

System and method for diffusing curvature.

Accurate boolean operations for subdivision surfaces and relaxed fitting (with E. Stollnitz).

Computer generated paint stamp compensation (with J. Reiter and J. Shekter).

Drawing system using design guides (with T. Baudel, G. Fitzmaurice,W. Buxton, G. Kurtenbach, C. Tappen).

Ellipsoidal projection mapping.

System and method for generating planar maps of three-dimensional surfaces.

Method, system, and computer program product for updating texture with overscan.